What to do after installing Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr? (Part III)

What to do after installing Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr? (Part III)

After the success obtained in previous posts about things to do after installing Ubuntu 14.04We have decided to continue with the topic but this time we are talking about the desks. Though Ubuntu 14.04 is LTSIt seems that its stability is not finished yet and sometimes and in some specific cases, certain desktops give problems with the Ubuntu base system. Such is the case of Lubuntu, the flavor of Ubuntu intended for machines with few resources that in just a few hours a serious error has been discovered in their system.

Ok, I have a problem after installing Ubuntu 14.04, what do I do next?

One of the problems that is occurring more is the problem with the repositories, it is increasingly common to have more than one unofficial repository to install a certain program. It seems that these repositories do not adapt much to Ubuntu 14.04 and some, waiting for a new version are causing problems with the distribution, a good example is the case of libreofficeIf we install the latest version we may have a problem. The best thing for now is to use the official repositories and if we have this problem, clean it up «by hand» How is this achieved? We open the terminal and write

sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

This opens the system repositories, we comment (put this symbol # at the beginning) all those that do not have an address that contains «ubuntu.com«, Thus we make sure to leave only the official thing. We also go to System Settings -> Software and Updates and there we are eliminating any address that points to an external repository that will appear in the "Other Software" tab. Once ready, we make a

sudo apt-get update

through the terminal and voila. But it can happen like Lubuntu, that we have a serious error like the network access applet, something silly that makes it impossible for us to manage our networks through the main panel. To solve it, for the moment the solution has been devised that the program is executed nm-applet at the beginning of the system. To do so, we will Preferences–> Applications for LxSession–> Autostart and there we press the button «Add»And we add«nm-applet»So it will start on the next system startup.

It can also happen that we like the desktop, but due to other circumstances we do not have another installation disk or we do not have time to delete and do another installation. It can also happen that we install Xubuntu and it is very heavy for our team, a good option would be to put Lubuntu. To change the desktop, it is best to open a terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop

If we want to install Kubuntu,

sudo apt-get install gnome-desktop

If we want to install Gnome,

sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop

If we want to install Lubuntu,

sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop

If we want to install Xubuntu,

sudo apt-get install e17

If we want to install lighting

sudo apt-get install razorqt

If we want to install the lightweight razor.

At the moment they are the only desktops available that work on Ubuntu 14.04, both MATE as Cinnamon They are not yet available and using the previous version gives problems, so their use is not recommended.


These are some solutions to the most typical and common problems that are being reported to the Ubuntu Community, however they are not the only ones, for the moment, the best recommendation is to let time pass and little by little the software is updated to the new version, total we only have five years of life of Ubuntu 14.04.

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  1.   Francisco said

    I honestly after seeing it and seeing all the crap that is left over will wait for linux mint to install it instead of ubuntu.

    1.    Demian said

      Leftover crap? Good for tastes ... still waiting for Linux Mint, I also want to try it, but in the meantime I use Ubuntu 14, which runs at the speed of light.

  2.   frameworks said

    Well I started with Linux operating systems and I have a very bad experience.
    Let's start: I have 3 PCs, an IBM Pentium 3, an asus and an amd64. Pipermine, Fedora, Ubuntu 14 did not work for me, and today I tried KUbuntu, none of them worked, on the contrary they spoiled my PCs. In one I installed Ubuntu and I had to format it to be able to completely eliminate logical losing the data of the other operating system.
    I can't describe the problem because it didn't even work, the pc is ticked. apart I have to reboot to get it working again.
    Assistance is almost null or nothing, I registered in the Ubuntu forum in Spanish and so far I have not received confirmation.
    They say open source I do not see any of that, on the contrary it seems that it is made for certain groups, it does not have the option to uninstall, impractical due to totally different languages, and the universals that we all understand.
    I personally tried it because it caught my free attention, which is not true at all.

  3.   Demian Kaos said

    Look Marcos, it is not to offend you, but what does not seem true to me is your story, and if it were, from what you count it is more due to errors caused by your ignorance and not by the operating system. I recommend you study a little more. Another, in the Ubuntu forum ALWAYS had the best wave with all the doubts and frankly that the assistance is "null" or "nothing" (¿? ¿?) Is another lie. And to top off your stupidity, you start to ramble on "Totally different languages" "and the universals that we all understand" ¿? ¿? ¿?

  4.   Jose Antonio said

    I installed ZORIN 7 and it goes from Wonders. better than Windows 7. 100% recommended

  5.   Joel said

    Marcos: That Linux is not Free? and WnDUs ?? Yes it is? Oo I use Kubuntu and I could never operate my PC with greater freedom and without worrying about licenses, apart from the Ubuntu or Linux community they help you quickly with any questions or problems you may have. If you are used to using WnDUs and you do not understand the Linux environment that is already a problem that is solved by reading, researching and asking; It does not mean that Linux is ineffective, it is like having a "Ferrari and not knowing how to drive". Greetings…

  6.   wilson7388wilson said

    Marcos, maybe your problem happens because you are not using the correct version for each team. I also tried to install the latest versions on a Pentium III and although it works, it is slow. They are computers with 15 years old, we must not lose sight of that, in which a Unity desktop with 512 Mb or 1 Gb of ram is insufficient (in my case I ended up using Mint Maya with Mate or Xfce, at an acceptable speed for a secondary use equipment). For that you should look for lighter versions for older computers, with xfce or lxde desktops. And by the way, you have to read a lot to make things work; It has happened to me in this learning process to screw up a few times and have to install everything again.

  7.   Bridge said

    In Ubuntu 14.04 it is installed having universe and multiverse activated, adding other repositories does not fail