7 reasons why I recommend using Xubuntu

Screenshot of Xubuntu, one of the reasons I use Xubuntu

Although I started using Ubuntu, the truth is that yesI'm a true lover of Xubuntu, the official Ubuntu flavor that uses Xfce as its default desktop. I know that I am not the only one in the Gnu / Linux world since for quite some time people were thinking of setting Xfce by default in both Ubuntu and Debian. In the end it was not achieved, but this has not meant its elimination, but on the contrary, an increase in its users.

Xfce is a very functional and useful Gnu / Linux desktop for many users. Although it is true that it is not as implemented as Plasma from KDE or Gnome, it is available in almost all distributions as the second option in case of problems. In this case we are going to talk about Xubuntu, a distribution that leaves no one indifferent and that has its great advantages.

1 Lightness

Unlike the other official or Ubuntu flavors with large desktops, Xubuntu is a light distribution that does not skimp on functions but without consuming all the resources of the computer to do a single function. KDE and Gnome contain too many daemons and parallel services that eat up resources. And the worst thing is that if we remove them, the desktop begins to be more unstable. In Xubuntu that does not happen and directly we do not have so many extras to perform functions that we do not need.

2 Simplicity

Xubuntu and Xfce are simple. They do not contain big changes or complex menus. When we load the desktop we see two panels, one with all the menus and the other that works as a dock. If we want to access a program quickly we have the shortcuts or key combinations. There are no dash menus, no voice commands or anything similar. A simple desktop to work from the first second and always efficiently.


Thunar and Xfce


One of the good points of Xubuntu is its file manager, Thunar. Thunar offers basic and important functions as has Nautilus or Dolphin, but we have to say that it eliminates the superfluous such as tabs within the same window or certain animations, making the file manager more efficient and consume fewer resources. There are other alternatives such as PCManFM, but it is true that it is not as functional as Thunar, lacking many functions, absences that are due to the consumption of resources.

4. Configuration

Xubuntu is a very simple but powerful distribution. Unlike other desks, Xfce is highly customizable. A great example of this is the Xubuntu dock. For many, what Xubuntu has is a dock, one more application to beautify the desktop. But it is true that it is not a dock but a secondary panel that has been configured in such a way that it looks like a dock, being lighter and more functional than any other application. This is a simple sample of how configurable Xubuntu and Xfce can be.


5 Stability

Although there are LTS versions and normal versions, the truth is that Xfce is one of the most stable desktops that exist, with only a few bugs to fix but with very high stability. The latest version of Xfce dates from 2015, since then, from time to time certain bugs have been corrected that users have pointed out but that are harmless for the main operation of the desktop.

6. Modularity

Xubuntu is based on Ubuntu and Xfce, both of which have projects that make up the distribution. But not all of these projects are installed on Xubuntu, but they are available to users who want to use them. Possibly the best examples of this are Xfce-Goodies and Xubuntu-Restricted-Extras.

7. Beauty

One of the elements that most users look for in a desktop is its beauty. Even being computer experts, love continues to enter through the eye. In the case of Xubuntu, the beauty has not been lost and it is one of the prettiest distributions out there, at least at first startup. Xfce has a repository of desktop themes and various elements that will help us to further embellish our distribution. In addition, the process to make these changes is simple and fast, without the need to touch configuration files.


These are some of the reasons why I love Xubuntu and Xfce, but above all I appreciate them more when I leave this distribution and try to try a new desktop or some official flavor. Attempting to look like Gnome 3 makes me prefer to use Xubuntu over Ubuntu or Ubuntu MATE. But they are personal perceptions, possibly other desks have other functions that you are looking for or maybe not. In any case, I recommend that you try Xubuntu, a highly recommended official flavor.

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  1.   Siberian Kunky said

    Very true

  2.   Javier Pulcini said

    Very good

  3.   Shupacabra said

    This time there is something superior, with less resource consumption even more configurable and with incomparable aesthetics, Kubuntu 18.04, do not stop trying it, it really impressed me.

  4.   Misael Fernando Perilla Benitez said

    The same I stay with Lubuntu

  5.   Francisco Javier Castillo Diaz said

    The truth is that for me it is the best, although KDE plasma is perhaps the most beautiful, with xfce the team is finer and it is still beautiful too. I have it installed on a 10-inch Netbook and it runs like it alone. Lubuntu is also very light and maybe more, but I keep sticking with xubuntu

  6.   Giovanni gapp said

    And this version will not harm us? the BIOS as Ubuntu did without helping us and abandoning the case?

  7.   Dark said

    I also prefer Lubuntu, it works super well and is lighter.

  8.   Sergi Canas said

    I've been using Xubuntu since Ubuntu 11.04 came out where they started to remove xfce and the truth is that it has never failed me. The laptop I use to work I have been on for more than 8 months and it has not given me any problems. Putting xixa into it as dockers, virtual machines, installing and removing packages from both canonical and xfce.


  9.   jony127 said

    Well, for what xfce gives I prefer lxde (it gives you more or less the same but with a lower consumption). Do you know how much ram there is difference between xfce and plasma ??? Well, a minimal difference being plasma a desktop a thousand times more complete than xfce so xfce is not the panacea in terms of optimization either.

    I recommend before lxde than xfce for those who really want something light.

  10.   ricardo said

    Only one reason why I recommend MX Linux 17.1 …… it's the best distro 🙂

  11.   kenth1977 said

    I tried (Mint 19.1 xfce, mate and cinnamon) tried manjaro, KDE plasma, Puppy linux, Gnome, Ubuntu and stuck with Xubuntu.-_-. I've been 2 months and nothing bad has happened

    1.    Gabriel R. said

      Hello friend. You are still using Xubuntu .. how are you doing with it ...?
      And one question I have, how do I configure the mouse wheel so that it has more speed ...?

      1.    James Alegret said

        Is it worth upgrading to Xubuntu 20.04?

  12.   Stow said

    And if I install Xubuntu, what happens with windows?

    1.    Baphomet said

      You only have to make a partition to the disk to install gnu / linux there, without erasing windows.

  13.   noobsaibot73 said

    I have tried Mint, in its latest version (19), the latest version of Ubuntu, Lubuntu ... And the first two have ended up giving me problems in a couple of weeks, Lubuntu is good, light ... But I don't like the dependency on its packages, in Mint and Ubuntu, it is now much smaller, you can eliminate applications almost without any other being affected, in Lubuntu not, its dependencies are much greater. Something as simple as deleting some applications that I did not want (IRC, EMAIL ...), they left me with the HP printer application, working badly, I tried to reinstall the missing dependencies and they were not installed correctly, they generated new errors ... If you do not touch it It's going very well, I admit it, but I still can't delete what I don't use, without affecting other applications and that, I don't like it, I'll try Xubuntu and Kubuntu. I like Debian based distributions, but if this continues, and I am forced to, I will have to install any other distro that allows me a better balance between performance and customization. (Understanding by customization, not adding docks, gadgets and similar nonsense, but eliminating what I neither want, nor need, and, leaving only what I really need).
    Greetings all.

    1.    Baphomet said

      Which one did you stay with?

  14.   John Zamora said

    I am a novice user, I have tried various distributions exploring the most appropriate for my needs, Ubuntu, Ubuntu Mate, Lubuntu and Pupy Linux, they left a bad taste in my mouth, I was not convinced by the aesthetics that the distributions that I mentioned handled, but Xubuntu from the first moment convinced me, so much so that it is installed on my personal laptop, I do not regret anything.

  15.   Richie said

    yes libyan, but i click snap store, and it doesn't open, any solution