How to install Nvidia video drivers on Ubuntu 18.04?

nvidia ubuntu

nvidia ubuntu

If you are have a video card in their computers or even if your motherboard counts with an integrated Nvidia video chip, they will know that want good performance and better graphics quality You must install the drivers for your card.

A few years ago, doing this process used to be a bit laborious, but today we have quite a few alternatives to be able to obtain the drivers for our video chipset in our system without many complications.

This article is focused mainly for newbies and beginners of the system.a, since this is usually one of the topics that you initially touch when you start to configure your system.

Before starting with the installation of the drivers in any of the methods that I am going to share with you it is necessary that we know what model of video card or chipset we have, this in order to know what we are going to download and install.

So to know this little information in case you don't know it We must open a terminal and execute the following command:

lspci | grep VGA

Which will respond with the information of the model of our cardWith this information, we proceed to download the driver.

Installed the Nvidia drivers from the official Ubuntu repositories

Now we can execute another command which will tell us what model and video driver is available through the official Ubuntu channels.

solo we must type in the terminal:

ubuntu-drivers devices

With what should appear something similar to this, in my case:

vendor   : NVIDIA Corporation

model    : GK104 [GeForce GT 730]

driver   : nvidia-390 - distro non-free

driver   : nvidia-390 - distro non-free

driver   : nvidia-390 - distro non-free recommended

With which we obtain the most current driver that we can install from the official Ubuntu repositories.

We can obtain a simple installation in two ways, the first is that the same system takes care of it, so in the terminal we execute:

sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall

Now if we want to indicate a specific version that is found within the repositories, we just type, taking as an example what the command ubuntu-drivers devices showed me

sudo apt install nvidia-390

Installed the Nvidia drivers from PPA


Another method we have to obtain the drivers for our video chipset it is by using a third party repository.

Although it is not an official channel, This repository has the Nvidia driver versions more immediately, so it can be a good option if you always want to have the latest as quickly as possible.

To add the repository to our system we must type in the terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa: graphics-drivers / ppa

sudo apt-get update

And to know which is the most current version compatible with our chipset, we type again:

ubuntu-drivers devices

Where it will tell us which version we should install, which we do with:

sudo apt install nvidia-3xx

Where you replace xx with the version that I display.

Installed the Nvidia drivers from the official website

Finally the last option we have to install the Nvidia video drivers on our computers is by downloading it directly from the official Nvidia website.

In which we must go to the following link and we must place the data of our model graphics card to give us the most current compatible driver.

After the download, we can proceed to install on the system. For this we have to unzip the file and open a terminal to position ourselves on the folder where the file that we unzipped and installed was left with the following command:


The driver version may vary depending on the model of your card. You just have to wait for the installation to finish and restart your computer so that the settings are saved.

And with this they will be able to find the Nvdia configuration utility on their systems.

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  1.   Marco Tulio VS said

    Good afternoon, I am a newbie to Linux; I appreciate that you share your knowledge; but when writing in terminal: ubuntu-drivers devices; nothing appears to me. I will appreciate comment or help. I have xubuntu 18.04, 32 bit and NVIDIA Corporation C61 card [GeForce 6100 nForce 405] (rev a2).

  2.   Luis Miguel said

    David, good afternoon and allow me to tweet you.

    I have had a problem in UBUNTU 18.04.1, without having been able to solve it until now. The question is that I installed UBUNTU together with Windows 10 and the dual boot appeared normally, but when I tried to start Ubuntu after requesting a password, the computer would hang. But this is history, since thanks to you it is solved and it works like a charm for me.

    This is what I have done:

    In the terminal I have put: ubuntu-drivers devices

    And later I have received the following information:

    == /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:01.0/0000:01:00.0 ==
    modalias : pci:v000010DEd00001C8Dsv00001462sd000011C8bc03sc02i00
    vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    model: GP107M [GeForce GTX 1050 Mobile]
    driver: nvidia-driver-390 - distro non-free recommended
    driver: xserver-xorg-video-nouveau - distro free builtin

    Following your instructions I put in the terminal:

    sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall.

    And after a few seconds, everything is fixed.

    Thank you a thousand and a thousand times more.

    Receives a warm greeting,

    Luis Miguel

  3.   Jonathan Suarez said

    What else friend I can not install the drives or vlc for movies I download them on another computer but it does not work I do it on another pc but it is not worth how I can

  4.   One said

    Excellent tutorial, thanks.

  5.   Juandejo said

    The proprietary nvidia 390 driver .. does not allow to enter the OS and you cannot enter ubuntu 19.10. It has always given problems but now it is even greater, it performs a loop without you being able to exit except with the console. Do you know how to solve it? Ubuntu 19.10 64-bit Operating System.

    1.    David naranjo said

      Hello good Morning. The driver installation as you did, PPA, you downloaded the executable from the Nvidia website or from the additional drivers option.

      Is the loop you mention the famous "Blackscreen", that is, the black screen?

      I use the same version "390.129" and I am on 19.10, so I rule out that it is a problem with the system.

  6.   Carlos David said

    Hi, right now I'm running sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall after running "ubuntu-drivers devices", and the drivers are being installed. I have a GeForce RTX 2070 video card, do you think it works?

  7.   John J Garcia O said

    When installing the drivers Nvidia does not allow me for several errors that could be indicated with screenshots. What pc appears working in X and that I must exit to install Nvidia Driver and I have not been able to exit X I do not have the steps to do it from Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

  8.   Jose felix said

    Reading package list ... Done
    Creating dependency tree
    Reading the status information ... Done
    Do not can instal some pack. This may mean that
    you asked for an impossible situation or, if you are using the distribution
    unstable, that some required packages have not yet been created or are
    They have taken from "Incoming."
    The following information can help resolve the situation:

    The following packages have unmet dependencies:
    nvidia-304: Depends: xorg-video-abi-11 but not installable or
    xorg-video-abi-12 but it is not installable or
    xorg-video-abi-13 but it is not installable or
    xorg-video-abi-14 but it is not installable or
    xorg-video-abi-15 but it is not installable or
    xorg-video-abi-18 but it is not installable or
    xorg-video-abi-19 but it is not installable or
    xorg-video-abi-20 but it is not installable or
    Depends: xserver-xorg-core
    E: Problems could not be corrected, you have retained broken packages.

  9.   Simon said

    I have installed on my PC Windows 7 Windows 10 and Linux Ubuntu 20.04, I had the need to install an NVIDIA GeForce 7100 GS Video card. In both Windows 7 and Windows 10 I was able to update the drivers without problems, but when I enter Linux I only get stripes from top to bottom and I DO NOT SEE ANYTHING, I can not do anything. HOW IS IT DONE IN THESE CASES?

  10.   Mx said

    Thank you very much it was very helpful! Thank you for the excellent work you do! Many Blessings!

  11.   Sandy Alvarez Pardo said

    Hello I wanted to ask a little question, I have a laptop, HP, Core i510 with integrated graphics card Nvidia GTX 1050. It turns out that I install Linux, any Debian or Ubuntu variant and when I install the Nvidia drivers it happens that the integrated screen is left without signal, only HDMI port works. Any idea how to fix it. Greetings.

  12.   NOMNN said