From now on it will be more difficult to chat on Facebook from Ubuntu Phone


Mark Zuckerberg's social network has been determined to make things difficult for us. Rather, in what has been committed Facebook it is about making us "go through the hoop" and that we use the applications that they want in the devices that they see fit. That "on the devices that seem good to them" is what matters in a blog like Ubunlog, since from now on the famous social network will block access to the messages section in your web application.

The question here is that if our device is Android or iOS, well, we go to our application store, go through the hoop and install Facebook Messenger. But what about the users of Ubuntu Phone? Canonical mobile OS users accessed Facebook chat from the web browser, something I know many iOS / Android users did as well, but this will not be possible from now on. What will be seen will be an image like the following.

Facebook leaves Ubuntu Phone users high and dry

Facebook chat from Ubuntu Phone nowadays

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Facebook's move is incomprehensible. If you are aware of the latest movements of the Zuckerberg social network, you will know that Facebook is betting on the AI And yes, they are still in the advertising business. In any case, if what you want is to know more about your users, can't you collect our information from the website? This would be comparable to WhatsApp having a web version that does not depend on a smartphone and, suddenly, they stop offering support. The only thing they do in this way is that users "lend" them less information that could be of use to them.

In any case, I think it will take patience. Chances are that sooner or later some developer will step up and create a compatible application, but it must be recognized that Facebook's latest move is annoying. Has it affected you?

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  1.   Michael rohde said

    I propose to switch from Facebook to another. We also left Wintonto, right?

    1.    Paul Aparicio said

      Hi miguel. I would listen to you, but it's been a long time since I stopped using "er feisbu" 😉 But seriously, it's what they deserve. What happens is that we are addicted to some things and about 1 in 8 people in the world uses Facebook. In that position they can put pressure on users, already ...

      A greeting.

  2.   Michael rohde said

    I'm leaving Facebook. Anyway, I was already a little there… !!!

  3.   Anonymous said

    I don't have Facebook, so I don't give a damn. And certainly, Ubuntu Phone users, in general, I think this issue is quite slippery.

    What courage this mob gives me. Facebook has been big on fraud from the very beginning. It is not that he stole the idea and that he did everything he did with the partner and others, it is that Facebook when he grew up he did it based on false accounts. That now everyone has it? Okay, but at the time for every real account that was created, a hundred were fake. But of course, the companies did not care, only the number of users mattered even if half or more were false. I do not know why the truth, if because they were imbeciles, or to take advantage of the pull even knowing it, or what.

  4.   Luis said

    Facebook has not deserved access from our Ubuntu Phone for a long time !!…. :-)

  5.   Rafael Garcia Alvarez said

    Well, worse for them ... Hahahaha

  6.   Alex Can said

    easy, I download chrome and chrome has an application to chat on facebook

  7.   Jose Or Marin said

    There will already be a different social network with a good connection to Linux on the truck, the loads are fixed

  8.   Matias the one who skips advertising said

    The harsh reality falls on independent projects, is the Ubuntu phone up to the standard of the average user? The resounding answer is no. Is it worth feeling special to have a unique piece of equipment? Nor, what is important is that there are software solutions that are available to all devices of mass use, it is ridiculous that they come making an app for each platform, and less when the ones that are available today are rubbish. Good for those who have an Ubuntu phone, but do not expect in his life that he can do more than home experiments, since the giants have crushed him and little can permeate those who are not dedicated to programming. My opinion, seeing that in addition to being a useless phone for me, it is very, very expensive, beautiful, but expensive.

    1.    Jesus goes said

      The same could be said with Android in 2006-2007. Total, why launch a new OS if 90% of devices at that time used an OS called Symbian OS (now look where it is).
      Time to time, I think that the biggest problem currently resides in basic applications such as WhatsApp, in fact, if they incorporated the application, the first thing they would do would be to discard Android and jump to Ubuntu Touch without thinking, something similar happened with Firefox OS, WhatsApp se it fell behind and fell behind and when they finally created a version for this OS, a few months later an informative note came out from the Firefox team in which they said they were leaving the project.
      For better or for worse we have to wait and see if they will launch the application on Ubuntu Touch (which would have several advantages, such as being able to install it on an Ubuntu [or flavor], in short, something similar to Telegram), the orientation strangely me that is taking Facebook blocking applications like Messenger from Ubuntu Touch, hopefully they end up changing the course of the company as they did with Messenger (it was necessary to have an FB account to be able to use the APP, currently not) and incorporate their Ubuntu Phone applications.