The 24 essentials of 2024. Part seven

Scribus is a program for creating publications

Peter Drucker, the legendary business administration theorist, used to distinguish between growth and development. Growth is getting bigger, development is achieving more and more with the size you have. She is ready of the 24 essentials of 2024 It is focused on making the most of the capabilities of my computer since it is going to be very difficult to buy a new one.

My goal this year is, as I said in previous articles, increase my productivity, achieve profitability and guarantee the profitability of my own and third parties by changing cloud services for open source applications.

The 24 essentials of 2024

When it seemed that video tutorials, video blogs and courses were going to replace printed content, the year 2023 came to prove the opposite.. She did it with two platforms: Gumroad and Notion.


Gumroad is a platform to sell all types of content, both digital and physical. Some examples are:

  • 3D models created with programs like Blender.
  • Ambient sound or meditation audios.
  • Templates for websites and social networks.
  • Manual
  • Courses
  • Models.

The service allows you to create product pages or insert your payment module on external sites. Offers, memberships, one-time or recurring payments can be scheduled. In general, links to external sites such as Notion are placed from Gumroad pages.


Notion is a cloud notebook on steroids. It gained popularity mainly because Evernote greatly reduced the features of its free service. It is being widely used to distribute content in a format that we could call a book since it is much easier to create than the Epub format. and has more multimedia capabilities than PDF. Plus, it doesn't require storage space, just share the link.

The eighth application

I still haven't decided which app I'm going to replace Gumroad with. I know it's not going to be WooCommerce because WordPress is increasingly heavy for my taste. What I am clear about is that I want buyers to be owners of their content and can store it wherever they want and copy it as many times as they want. That makes Scribus my first choice.


Newsletters have made a strong comeback, These newsletters or articles referring to a specific topic are usually sent by email or viewed on an online platform. This means that you have to search for them in the email client or on the platform if you want to find an article that interested you at the time. And, of course, you don't have to download because the platform disappears with all your material (It has happened).

In addition, There is a lot to be said in favor of privacy and freedom to download content for which you subscribed and/or paid and make as many copies as you want.

For that we have the old and beloved PDF format

  • It is portable: Can be viewed on any device or operating system that has a compatible reader.
  • Maintains information integrity during the format conversion process.
  • Accessibility: With this format you can use text readers, high contrast colors and other features that facilitate access to content for people with disabilities.
  • Can be created with any program like the most common word processors.

Scribus (It is in the repositories of the main distributions) is a program for creating desktop publications. It is used to create documents such as books, magazines, newsletters, brochures, posters and the like. Includes text editing, image import, and page layout capabilities.

Unlike similar proprietary programs, It does not use an encrypted format but rather one based on XML, so the documents created can be opened and created with any text editor.  The program has 200 color palettes and support for different PDF format specifications including PDF/X-3

Unfortunately I have to make the same criticism that I did with Inkscape, The documentation cannot keep up with the new versions, however its use is quite intuitive.

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