War games for Ubuntu

War games for Ubuntu

In this article let's talk about war games for Linux. Thanks to technologies like Proton and companies like Valve, the number of games for this operating system is increasing and this section is one of the ones that provides the most titles.

Despite psychologists and pediatricians who tend to demonize them, war games are very addictive and, at least not my brother, my cousins, my friends, nor I ended up becoming serial killers.

War games for Ubuntu


This is a first person shooter game with an arena style.

A first-person shooter is one in which the player experiences the action from the perspective of the character they are controlling. His point of view is as if he were really on the battlefield. Arena style is a subgenre in which multiple players face off on a small stage.

Some features of the game are:

  • Sharp Movements: The game offers a fluid and agile movement experience.
  • Wide selection of weapons: There are 9 basic weapons and 16 more powerful weapons. Each weapon has a primary fire mode and a secondary fire mode, each of them are suitable for different sites
  • 5 varied game modes: Deathmatch (All against all), Capture The Flag (Capture the flag) Clan Arena (Team battles) Nexball (An extravagant mode) Freeze Tag (Another unusual option)
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Multiple Maps: There are 25 official maps and dozens of community-created maps. You can also use classic Nexuiz maps and those converted from Quake 3.

The game andis available for Windows, Linux and Mac (automatically selects based on your operating system). Additionally, we have an unofficial version in Snap format that is installed with the command:
sudo snap install xonotic

UFO: Alien Invasion

Since HG Wells wrote his book, extraterrestrial invasions have been the subject of multiple books, movies and of course video games.

In this case The story takes place in the year 2084. At this time, life on Earth is in a period of relative stability until an extraterrestrial army attacks the planet.. The United Nations once again reactivates an ancient anti-alien agency that will be responsible for guaranteeing the survival of the human race.

We can play the game in two ways: In Geoscape mode we see the global panorama and manage the bases, investigate new technologies and control the global strategy. In tactical mode we direct the squads of soldiers who face the aliens in battle.

We can play against the computer or in multiplayer mode. Available for various Linux distributions.

Warzone 2100

Here we have a completely open source game in which We direct the members of "The Project" to be the ones who define how the world will be reconstructed. What I haven't told you yet is that in the game universe the world was destroyed by nuclear missiles.

The game supports single or multiple players, both on a local network and over the Internet. You can play with or against Artificial Intelligence bots)

We can install the game with the following commands:
Flatpak flatpack install flathub net.wz2100.wz2100
Snap sudo snap install warzone2100

The Battle for Westnoth

This is an addictive open source game that is set in a fantasy world, players can participate in various adventures. Some of the ones we can choose from are:

  • Claim the Throne: The player must fight for the throne and demonstrate his skills as a leader.
  • Flee the Lich Lords: The player must face the dark undead lords and escape their clutches.
  • Create a Fire Jewel in the Depths of the Earth: The player must explore the bowels of the earth and carve a magical jewel with fiery powers.
  • Defend the Kingdom against Devastating Hordes: The player must fight a necromancer who leads hordes of malevolent beings.
  • Cross the Burning Sands: The player must cross scorching deserts leading a team of brave survivors to face unseen dangers.

Each type of unit has its own strengths and weaknesses, and attacks require strategic planning.

The games take place on a hexagonal grid. Players can create scenarios using the map editor.

Installs with:
flatpak install flathub org.wesnoth.Wesnoth

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