Warp is a terminal with AI and collaborative tools.

Example of using Warp AI

The appearance of a new program for Linux is good news. In this case This is Warp, a terminal emulator with Artificial Intelligence and collaborative tools which already had a version for macOS, the Windows version will be available soon.

Let's start by clarifying that It is proprietary software, requires a subscription and, although it promises privacy features, telemetry is activated by default.

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Those who come reading my articles know that I am not a free software Taliban. I am not opposed to using proprietary software or sharing telemetry if there is a good reason for it. In this case, at least for home users, I don't see that there is one.

I also believe that There is an abuse of Artificial Intelligence, adding it to things in which it contributes nothing. Training a model is something that requires a lot of resources and large technology companies already have too much of an advantage for those from small companies to achieve similar results.

But, you are the ones who should download Warp, try it and explain in the comments form why I am wrong. So let's get into it once and for all.

A terminal with AI and collaborative tools

It is advisable to start by clarifying that Warp It has absolutely nothing to do with the GNOME project file streaming software. It is a terminal emulator designed to enter and execute commands in a text interface.

Where it gets interesting is that We can use the mouse to indicate the position of the cursor and edit, copy and paste commands. If you are used to using the Vim text editor, you will not need to learn new keyboard shortcuts.

Warp drive

Are you one of those who forget the command they always need? No problem. Warp allows you to build a memory aid with a list of commands and their parameters that you can easily access. These commands are stored in a space called Warp Drive and from there it will be possible to share them with your other computers and team members. Warp allows you to set default parameters for the commands and any update will be reflected in the rest of the terminals,

Artificial intelligence

If you have no idea which command you should use, you just need to type the pound symbol “#” and describe in natural language what you are looking for. Its other function is to explain error messages to you. To do this you just have to select it and use the context menu.

Other characteristics

Warp supports three shell environments: Bash, ZSh, and Fish. ANDThe shell environment is the interface that acts as an interpreter between the user and the computer in the terminal.

Graphics rendering is done directly on the graphics card avoiding excessive CPU usage. It also does not neglect the visual aspect, including dark mode and the generation of a color palette from an image or code.


The program available in DEB and RPM format so you can install it with the package gesture of any distribution based on Debian, Fedora or OpenSUSE. Also, clicking on the arrowhead will be in Appimage format.

My opinion

It doesn't convince me. The free plan allows you to connect up to 5 people and accepts up to 20 queries to Artificial Intelligence. But Is it really justified to connect to an external server for a query that the man command can answer perfectly? I also don't use commands so complex that I can't type them on the spot.

Surely there will be contexts in which it is a useful tool, but we are a blog aimed primarily at individual users. Furthermore, I have my doubts that Warp's AI responses are as complete as those of Google Gemini or OpenAI.

As points in favor it should be noted that The AI ​​understands Spanish, although it responds in English. At least on Ubuntu 23.10, the installation did not require downloading additional dependencies.

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