What you can do with Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer has an erase tool.

Although we prefer open source tools, we like Take a look at the cloud alternatives that we can use from the browser on Linux. That is why we are discussing what can be done with Microsoft Designer.

Microsoft Designers es a cloud service (in testing phase) for the creation of graphic content for social networks. It is based on the firm's Artificial Intelligence solutions resulting from its collaboration with OpenAI

Of course, when using these cloud applications We must be aware that we are providing the company with private information and that we may lose all our work in the event of drastic changes in the conditions of service or its disappearance.

What you can do with Microsoft Designer

Before continuing, I want to highlight that There would be no problem doing this same thing with open source programs. ANDl Gimp or Blender, for example, support the use of scripts in the Python programming language, and Python has numerous Artificial Intelligence libraries that can do the job. The only thing missing is for some developer to get to the task.

The image creator

The program It works in the form of prompts or indications about the image we want to generate. It is no different from the tool integrated into the Bing browser except that it generates one image instead of four.

The user interface is in English, although it supports Spanish promts. The only problem is that the sensitive content detector is nuts. He refused to generate an image for me of a dog and a bitch dancing tangos because it violated the usage policy. I had to ask him to do it without specifying gender.

Once the image is generated, we have the option to send it to the phone, download it or edit it, This will take us to an interface that will not be difficult for you to get used to if you are getting used to programs like Canva or similar. The different tools on the sides, and the image in the middle. The big drawback of the project is that you cannot access all the tools from this interface.

The design creator

The Designer Layout Builder

The Microsoft Designer design creator allows us to create graphic content for social networks from images and a description in English.

With the layout creator We can tell the program to create specific content from an image on our computer, previously created with Microsoft Designer or generated at the moment.It is possible to write our own instructions or use one of the existing examples. Texts in Spanish do not seem to work here.

We can ask you to generate designs in 3 sizes:

  • Square: It measures 1080 x 1080 pixels.
  • Landscape: It measures 1200 x 628 pixels.
  • Portrait: It measures 1080 x 1920. Pixels.

Maybe when the app is more polished it will support the use of custom sizes

Once we select the design we like, we can choose to download or edit it. If we decide to edit it, it will direct us to the aforementioned Canva-like interface.

Erase tools

In Microsoft Designer We have three erasing tools. Selective erase, background erase and background blur. We can do this from the editing interface with an image or design already created or by uploading one from the computer.

Selective deletion gives us the option to click on a part of the image and have the program select what to delete. We can also paint a part of the image with the pointer as we would do in Gimp.

Background deletion does not require further explanation. We just have to press the corresponding button and the program will take care of everything. I was surprised because it does it much faster than Canva.

For the blurred background you just need to click on the c buttoncorresponding and the application takes care of everything.

In the next article we will finish commenting on the characteristics of this cloud application and we will comment on our opinion about its usefulness and lack of it,

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