Will you upgrade to Ubuntu 16.10? Vote.

ubuntu 16.04 vs ubuntu 16.10

With an eye already on next October 13, the date on which the final version of Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak) will be releasedWe would like to launch a survey among our users to find out which of you will update your computers to this new version of the operating system.

The question is clear and direct, and considering the new options it will offer Ubuntu 16.10 It is time to consider if this migration is worth it or if it is preferable for a while to consolidate the distribution of our team.

A few days after the launch of Ubuntu 16.10 we want to make a poll among our readers to know your disposition towards the new version of the Ubuntu operating system. Before giving an answer, we are going to compile a series of issues that would motivate a migration to the latest version of the Canonical company system.

  • Ubuntu 16.10 assumes a regular distribution of the system and does not enjoy the benefits of extended support that Canonical brings to other editions. This means that the release of patches for the system that correct security problems, improvements in the code that improve applications or updates that provide greater stability to the team as a whole, will cease in the period of nine months.
  • The estimated life time is a really short period and it is certainly not suitable for all users, especially those who have problems of deployment on their computers. If you are running the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS version (or even another flavor of Linux), it is a very important factor to consider: keep the current system in favor of stability or turn to a new one in search of new functionalities.
  • Moreover, the new kernel Linux Provide better support for your equipment components, improve some of the really outdated system packages, and can provide new features needed in your environment.
  • Updating the system also takes time. Time in which your environment may be without service, or in which incompatibility problems may arise later once the systems have started. Perhaps it is a very wise idea to wait a while for the first errors detected in the system to be corrected, and to keep all systems as they are until they are solved.

Here is the survey for you to vote. We know that there are many cases that will not fit the answers, so you can leave your comments with the opinions and those nuances that you consider.

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  1.   Jose de Costa said

    No, until the LTS.

  2.   henry frank said

    No, I stay with LTS !!!

  3.   Ivan Aryock Moctezuma Rivera said

    No, I keep the LTS

  4.   Jose R Peña M said

    And how are you doing with version 16.10, I am ashamed to leave V 14.04 how are you ...

    1.    Angel Valdecantos said

      Version 16.10 would be updated on 13/10 just.

  5.   Correa Silva Junior said

    I love or Ubuntu! Unfortunately, this problem with RAMs makes me migrate to Debian, again!

  6.   Daniel Villalobos Pinzón said

    For the same reasons that my predecessors have put, wait better for the LTS and see how the new kernel works.

  7.   Christian Valentine Ramos said

    Actually, 16.04 has not turned out to be so stable or so light, I am going for 16.10, I understand that it will be the first pure systemd and it will no longer load upstart simultaneously, less memory use, we will see what the destination holds

  8.   Gaston zepeda said

    Do not! LTS or nothing.

  9.   José Luis said

    I am a user who does not know much about this OS but since I use it together with windows, it has always been simpler and more didactic, and it has been improving since I started using it, and also, it is free.
    Congratulations to those who were improving day by day, with their failures and successes.

  10.   MIC said

    I am really happy with ubuntu 15.10 even though it no longer offers updates, once I updated it to version 16.04 and I lost to occupy several programs that did not work well. I think it would be honest to inform carefully about the cons in updates and not to use the user as a guinea pig in the face of new versions which becomes a permanent pressure, Even so and all great linux and ubuntu !!

  11.   jvsanchis1 said

    Maybe but better wait for LTS support

  12.   Darkie said

    Not only LTS, bad experiences in the intermediate versions so they don't catch me anymore.

  13.   Jose Garcia said

    No, I'm fine with 16.04 LTS 🙂

  14.   Javier Guala placeholder image said

    To update or not, it is actually almost the same. Why? Because in my opinion, with version 16.10 you can have the latest technology in some elements and even if it is 9 months it has support, and in 6 months 17.04 will be released and that is how you get to the next LTS. If short support ones were not stable, they would not go out to users.

  15.   overwhelm said

    I'd rather stick with Linux Mint 17.3 with XFCE

  16.   Mr. Paquito said

    I go from LTS to LTS.

  17.   J. Miguel Folgueira (folgui) said

    I already have the latest Ubuntu-Gnome 16.10 beta installed with the PPA to have Gnome 3.22. Everything perfect and enjoying.

  18.   Angel Valdecantos said

    In general, the October version is more stable than the April version. So if I will update.

  19.   Jorge Romero said

    16.10 to test

  20.   villevaldo said

    I have 3 main PCs, a Gamer with Intel core i5 skylake and Nvidia Gtx 1060 that I have With a dual boot with windows 7 and Linux mint
    A laptop with Intel core I5 ​​and Nvidia graphics but not Gamer Arch linux and Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 and my other laptop with Intel core i3 and radeon which is the one I use for emergencies that I am waiting for 16.10 due to the incompatibility with my graphics with Ubuntu LTS

  21.   Antony Casanova said

    No, because it is not an LTS version

  22.   josele13 said

    I will continue with 16,04, it gives me stability to the team and I forget about problems, too many changes lately in Ubuntu, I will continue with Ubuntu Mate for three years and then new installation of the next LTS.
    Greetings linuxeros….

  23.   José Luis said

    LTS just ...