There are people criticizing Ubuntu 22.04 and Linux in general for the lack of innovation

Ubuntu 22.04, good or bad

It's been almost a month since threw Ubuntu LTS 22.04. When we published the article, we alluded to what almost all developers say after a new release, that "this is the best release in history" to say that we were not going to be so exaggerated, but to say that Jammy Jellyfish was a important leap forward. Just going from GNOME 40 to GNOME 42 has already gained a lot, and that was just one of many improvements.

On Ubuntu 22.04 performance has been greatly improved with respect to past versions, something that we can all enjoy and especially those who want to install Ubuntu on a Raspberry Pi. Also, you can change, by default and without installing anything, things like the panel, which now allows us to turn it into a dock in a couple of clicks, or the accent color. But the truth, and as it happens in practically any distribution, is that most of the improvements are part of GNOME.

Is Ubuntu 22.04 an update that leaves something to be desired?

To be honest, it's not that I spend all day reading users dissatisfied with Ubuntu, nor are there many media that attack the sweet jellyfish, but I have read things that have puzzled me. The first thing I thought when I read the first article, which I'm not even going to quote, was that it was an article designed to generate controversy, so that Ubuntu users would get into the rag and, if we commented, get more visits. later i thought of Mac OS X 10.6, code name Snow Leopard, an update with which Apple introduced almost 0 new features and, even so, it is what gets the best reviews even today. I thought of Snow Leopard asking myself the question: “Did they criticize Apple as much for that update as they did for Ubuntu 22.04?

And it is that, sometimes, going fast and adding a lot is not the best thing. From time to time you have to collect cable, compact everything, make everything consistent, and that's what Apple did and what many Linux distributions and projects are doing now, like GNOME. Ubuntu got heavy on its way to Unity, and has been getting lighter with every new release since 18.10. And the novelties that it has been introducing have been the ones that touched it at all times, or that is my opinion.

Does Windows do it better?

Apple has its own ecosystem complete, and it is very good, but the truth is that you have to pay for it, and be clear that it is the most closed (and least free) option that we can choose. In a simple and official way, you can only use your macOS on your Macs, and for all this you have to leave it a little apart. With respect to the novelties that Windows has been introducing, can you criticize less than Ubuntu or Linux in general?

Not long ago they released Windows 11, and many things, they warn, still do not work as expected. That is, they released an operating system with a lower panel and a modified theme, which is incomplete and, for some, that saves it from burning. It doesn't matter if it lacks features, is less customizable, or can't be installed on many computers. In fact, I don't know of anyone who wants to have it installed on a work/production computer (or for smooth gaming).

I'm aware that Windows 11 has also been criticized a lot, but no more than Windows 10 was criticized, and the reason is more for the change to something new than anything else. Even so, those criticisms of Ubuntu 22.04 and Linux in general, which say that they are not advancing, never cease to amaze me. I don't know if they aren't real Linux users, but I haven't read how they would improve what already exists, and it seems that they don't know that in Linux there is a lot to choose from, the options are endless and there are more and more. For my part, and with respect to Ubuntu, just say that I do not agree that important changes are not being introduced, although many of them are not seen. And whoever doesn't like something, let him choose what suits him best.

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  1.   Khourt said

    I haven't used Ubuntu for a long time, in fact I needed a Virtual Machine to run IRAF on MacOS for a client and opted for the 16.04 LTS option before the latest Ubuntu, for "stability" reasons, thinking of a more proven system than not requires so many updates. But today your post makes me want to take a look at it, I think it is correct that the LTS version does not suffer major changes in general and seeks stability, and contrary to the comments made, I think this could give users more confidence, « a more stable system» I think is a good bet (they already have all the previous versions to test what they wanted), they need to consolidate. Personally though, seeing how many packages will now be SNAP puts me off a bit (perhaps unwarranted seeing MacOS DMG)

    Today if I had to recommend a distribution I would think of Linux MX first (directly based on Debian), elementary for those looking for some good design (and now maybe think of the version based on this 22.04 LTS), OpenSUSE, Rocky Linux (Folk of CentOS) and Fedpra for those in the server world (Also I think you can use RHEL if you pay for support, correct me if not), and maybe Ubuntu after your review and take a look (asked me how Will that PopOS come that I also do not know but that I have seen very mentioned??)

  2.   Fernando said

    Ubuntu has always been the target of criticism, but those of us who are its users have learned to dismiss it. I do not agree that each release has to be full of novelty and innovation, I prefer that with each release the system improves in usability, performance and reliability for those of us who choose to work with it. With each new LTS, Ubuntu improves and what must be considered is that it is not a distribution for low resources, instead Lubuntu and Xubuntu are and they work very well, but on the contrary Ubuntu is for more robust machines. I am a common user, I use Ubuntu 20.04 and I am going to stay that way because I have an operating system configured to my liking and with which I work very comfortably. Sorry for the length of the message and thank you for allowing me to comment.

  3.   employee said

    The only thing I know is that for windows I do not return or tie up, and let them criticize anything but the future is linux

  4.   Joseph said

    The truth is that things have been infusing about Ubuntu for a long time that rather seem like a general current of sometimes unfounded criticism.
    What doesn't enter my head is how someone from the UBUNTU team came up with the idea of ​​putting a SNAP browser inside everything that is outstanding in version 22.04.
    I don't know how they are not aware of the bad image or bad perception that someone who enters this distro for the first time can have.
    The first boot of Firefox is simply pitiful even on PCs with SSDs.
    This is what cannot be.

  5.   John Druimeanach A. said

    Hello. Very good and correct your reflection. Look, I flew from Ubuntu to Linux Mint and the truth is that in these three years I haven't had any problems. If someone says that Linux does not innovate, it is good that Linux does not have as much financial support (well, yes, but not as much) as win or mac.
    Anyway. As of 22.04 I am testing Ubuntu Cinnamon and have had no problems so far. And it looks pretty.
    I can't explain it, it had so much potential, the Gnome of now makes me uneasy. It's like, when you install Debian (my beloved Debian) and boot, it's like Gnome isn't finished, you have to download a lot of gnome extention files to leave it with a better user experience. That! Gnome does not offer a better user experience. Because just like that it's kind of ugly, the icons, the windows, etc. I like Cinnamon better. And now I'm running Ubuntu Cinnamon 22.04, which is not an official flavor of Ubuntu. About win 11 I'm not going to talk. As you say, mac and win send each other shit and users have to accept and wait for patches to "improve" the OS.


  6.   Rolando said

    So much desire to install Ubuntu on my PC and it is never easy for me. I could never install it...

  7.   jaime said

    I've been using ubuntu for more than 3 years... and I love placing it as a roller...

  8.   Dario said

    The truth is that I haven't used Ubuntu for a while (I think since version 18.04) because I had performance problems with my computer, 22.04 is really going very well and as a good Argentine I still couldn't change my computer.
    The truth is to criticize if they are stupid or not, it does not end up helping at all, especially when the most popular OS's are not measured with the same yardstick.