War games for Ubuntu

War games for Ubuntu

In this article we make a list of some of the best war games for Ubuntu that we can find.

Universal packages include necessary dependencies

Universal packages

We finish our description of how to install programs in Ubuntu by describing the universal packages

Repositories are servers from which packages are downloaded

Ubuntu repositories

Continuing with our explanation of the ways to install programs, we explain the Ubuntu repositories.

Caliber is a book collection manager

24 apps for 2024. Part eight

Continuing with our list of 24 apps for 2024, we discuss a complete suite for managing and reading electronic books.

The Mozilla Foundation continues to decline

Mozilla continues downhill

Mozilla continues downhill, its flagship product has fewer and fewer users and cancels and delays services.

The new version of Scribus brings great news

Scribus 1.6.0 released

On the first day of the year, Scribus 1.6.0 was released, the long-awaited version of the emblematic open source desktop publication creator.

Types of images for websites.

Types of images for websites

In this article we review the types of images for websites and which one to use in each case as a prior step to seeing the available tools

Linux is the undisputed option in web hosting

How to choose a Hosting

In this article we explain how to choose a hosting. This is a sector where using Linux is the undisputed option

Inkscape vector graphics editor turns 20

Inkscape turns 20

Inkscape turns 20 years old. It is a complete open source vector file editor for Windows, Linux and Mac