Ubuntu Web Browser

Light browsers

List of 5 lightweight browsers, ideal for machines with few resources or if we want to make little use of our system when we browse.

Flash and Linux logos

Dependencies unfulfilled

Do you have problems of broken dependencies in Ubuntu? Find out how they are solved, especially if you have problems with the installation of flash

Mark Shuttleworth

Canonical will go public this year

The new CEO of Canonical has confirmed the arrival of the company to the Stock Exchange, a process in which they are working and that will end with an IPO ...

How to use functions in bash

Learn how to use functions in bash as well as control parameters and use different exit codes based on positive or negative results.

Learning Linux

Create your own scripts using bash

Learn how to create your own bash scripts to automate tasks, simplify command syntax, and eliminate repetitive actions by passing parameters.

Linux Mint logo

Linux Mint 18.1 will be called Serena

Development of the new version of Linux Mint has already started. So the new Linux Mint 18.1 will be called Serena, a woman's name like previous versions.

ubuntu logo

Happy 12th birthday Ubuntu !!

October 20 was Ubuntu's birthday, a day that Ubuntu turned 12 years old, a great reference for all software and Gnu / Linux projects ...

ubuntu nice logo

Why do you use Ubuntu?

A small opinion poll on why you use Ubuntu on your computer, something that surely more than one has asked you, or not?

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Ubuntu 16.10 is now available

The new version of Ubuntu is already released. The version known as Ubuntu 16.10 or Yakkety Yak can be downloaded with the new features of the OS ...

linux security

Crashing Systemd is just a tweet away

A bug detected on Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS systems causes the main systemd process to crash and makes it impossible to manage others on the computer.


New miniPC MintBox Pro

A new MintBox model appears with revised hardware and Linux mint 18 cinnamon operating system included as standard, standing out for its great connectivity.


LXC Hosting and Containers

An important European hosting portal implements LXC on SSD disks as an architecture, which makes it possible to discuss its benefits over Docker or VMWare.

Tux mascot

The Linux kernel turns 25

The Linux kernel has turned 25 years old today, an age that few expected it to meet or to help create projects as important as Ubuntu ...

plasma kde kubuntu

Canonical to sponsor KDE

Canonical becomes an official sponsor of KDE to further develop this environment and improve its integration into future snapshot technology.


Ubuntu desktops lighter than Xfce

A recurring theme that usually makes the news from time to time is the reference to lightweight desks. Many users are looking for desktops that, ...


Saving ink on Linux

We teach you to save ink with each document that you print in Linux using the free and free EcoFont font.

Ubuntu 16.04

Ubuntu 16.04 Beta 2 what's new?

The second beta of Ubuntu 16.04 is now available, a beta that shows everything new that Ubuntu 16.04 brings with it that is seen and what is not seen ...

Unity 3D logo

Unity 5.3 finally comes to Linux

We are talking about the immediate availability of the Unity 5.3 editor on Linux. We show some of its news and explain how to install it in Ubuntu.


MAX made it to version 8

MAX linux is one of the distributions created by the Community of Madrid based on Ubuntu. This distribution has reached version 8 with more news.


Bitcoin on Ubuntu

Bitcoin has stabilized after the boom, this has also made it penetrate very well with Ubuntu through wallets and mining software.

SteamOS, Valve's distribution

Valve finally announced SteamOS, a Linux-based operating system that aims to revolutionize the PC gaming industry in the living room.

Munich goes to Ubuntu, and Spain?

Munich goes to Ubuntu, and Spain?

Curious news about the adoption of Ubuntu by the local German administration in Munich. They will use Lubuntu because of its similarity to Windows XP

MenuLibre, a complete menu editor

MenuLibre allows us to edit the menu items of applications from environments such as GNOME, LXDE and XFCE. It even supports Unity quicklists.

File Managers in Ubuntu

File Managers in Ubuntu

Post about file managers in Ubuntu mentioning some possibilities within this operating system.

Speech recognition in Linux

James McClain has developed a tool that allows, in a simple way, speech recognition in Linux. Siri for Linux, some claim.

How to add MTP support in Kubuntu

Guide that explains how to add MTP support in Dolphin by installing the corresponding KIO-slave. MTP is used by Android devices, among others.

KDE 4.10: Kate enhancements

The new version of Kate included in KDE SC 4.10 has an extensive list of new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Installing MDM 1.0.6 on Ubuntu 12.10

Installation guide for the latest version of MDM, the Linux Mint Display Manager, in Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal by adding the corresponding repository.

Organize your windows with X-tile

X-tile is a small program that helps us organize our windows. It works in any desktop environment and can be operated from the console.

Download Ubuntu via torrent

It is recommended to download Ubuntu through the BitTorrent network to prevent the official servers from being saturated. In this post we will do it using Deluge.


Kazam, burn your desktop on Linux

Kazam is a free program for Linux that allows us to record our desktop sessions, being able to select the entire desktop or a specific area